The biggest strength expo Tasmania has seen will be taking place over 2 days, December 9/10 2017 at the Hobart Showground.

The “Festival of Strength” will showcase the best strength sport athletes the state has seen.

The following events will be run over the Saturday and Sunday:

Tasmania’s Strongest Man/Woman Title: From Strongman Tasmania, watch athletes go head to head in the state finals, who will be the crowned the Strongest in Tasmania?

Affiliate Cup Final: From CrossFit Resonate, After 4 gruelling rounds, find out which CrossFit Box will be crowned the fittest in the State.

Powerlifting: Raw Strength Tasmania will be hosting its 2nd annual championships on December 10th, finishing the year off with a bang. The Raw Strength Championships will be the 3rd IPF sanctioned drug tested powerlifting event in Tasmania for 2017 and will highlight a host of local talent as well as some mainland contenders.

Tasmanian Olympic Open 2017: This will be the richest prize pool for a Tasmanian Olympic Lifting Competition in 2017. Come watch some huge weights put overhead from these amazing male and female lifters. See CrossFit Colossus for entries and information.

Along with this we will also be presenting some amazing expo sports, so there is something for everyone. Coffee/Food/Beer will be available along with sponsor booth’s and spectator challenges! The first challenge will be a 10 rep bench press, complete it and get a free beer thanks to Last Rites Brewing Company

Book it in your calendar now!

If you want to get in contact with us about sponsorship opportunities or how to compete in some of the events, just email us on

For more details, jump over to our website at:  0400 255 351 | Unit 1/10 Electra Place, Mornington, TAS, 7018

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